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About Bitlotto

Bitlotto is a game that reminds you very much of a regular lottery but the big difference is that there is always a winner on every game.

Bitlotto is divided into two areas adapted for both those who only want to Participate on the lottery and get a chance to win money as well as for networkers who wants to create an income on their network and get the opportunity to invest in Bitlotto's various lotteries and earn a profit per game.

Bitlotto was created by networkers, for networkers on their terms!


It is absolutely free to register as a player to play on the various lotteries.

The prize pool is distributed among the winners where the dividend is as follows: 75% of the prize pool goes to the winner and the remaining 25% is distributed among other winners (four to one right). A lot costs 0.001 btc (about 2 €) where the maximum number of lotteries is 1000 per game.

As a gambler you are also a "Pending Networker" which means that you have the option to recruit people to your network and when you reach 7 acquired "Diamond members" then you become yourself a diamond member.

7 diamond members = Diamond membership + 40% on your recruit number 7


Networkers have the ability to recruit people and receive a three-step income based on their purchase of membership:

1st line - 40%
2nd line - 15 %
3rd line - 5 %

Networkers also receive compensation for recruiting an investor that invest in a game as well for the sale of lotteries that takes place within their network. Here, you get 40-30% on both the investor's return (6%) and 40-30% in the MLM pot for sold lotteries.

About the Lottery

Bitlotto is a game that in many aspects are just like regular lotto. The biggest difference is there is always at least one winner with the whole ticket matching the winning ticket. When picking a ticket you choose 5 numbers 1-9 or letters excluding uppercase "O", uppercase "I" and lowercase "l". This is so that the ticket generates a valid Bitcoin address.

If you are the only player to choose the winning ticket, you are guaranteed the full amount for 1st place which is fixed before the game begins. There will always be at least one winner of first prize in every game that matches the entire ticket. This is because our central computer can only choose between the existing tickets submitted. If you do not care for the details and simply want to play, the computer already generates a ticket for you. If several people share the same ticket, the prize is shared among the winners.

The first prize is 75% of the prizepool, the rest is shared among the remaining winners. If there are winners with 4 matching characters they take 75% of the remaining 25% (18.75% total), If there are winners with 3 matching characters they take 75% of the remaining prizepool, and so on. If there are no tickets but a sum in the prizepool still to be shared, it goes towards a random person's refunded ticket. If there still is any sum remaining it keeps refunding tickets of random players until no sum remains. Therefore you may receive a partially refunded ticket if you are last in the refund attempt.