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US Pre-Sale Stock

Invest in our company's upcoming shares on the US stock exchange. You purchase the shares in your eXer wallet in Backoffice. To invest, charge your eXer E-Wallet Invest

X Pension Coin - XPC

The X Pension Coin (XPC) is a proof of stake coin, which means it has a real value behind it, in this case The XPC yields returns from trading, eXer games and forex trading this has no upper limit. Dividends are made after each completed business. 20% of the proceeds from the trade are paid to the owners of the XPC. In our soon to come ICO (Initial Coin Offering) you will be able to invest in X Pension Coins.

To invest, charge your eXer E-Wallet Invest

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Viridi White Paper Investment Offer   

X Pension Coin Lotto Investment

Investors are given the unique opportunity to invest 1 000 X Pension Coin (XPC) per game, with 3 % guaranteed return on the investment. When the 1 000th lottery tickets are sold and the draw is done, the investor get the investment amount plus the 3 % back. The draw of the lottery is done when all 1 000 lottery tickets have been purchased by the players.

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